Breast Lift: Are You A Suitable Candidate?

Cosmetic surgery is a billion dollar industry with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons stating that an estimated 15.6 million people underwent cosmetic surgery in 2014.

With such a booming industry you are sure to find a great number of people who are in it for the money only, and have no training whatsoever to be carrying out cosmetic procedures. It is these quack ‘doctors’ that insert industrial grade silicon, plastic filler and cement into unsuspecting patients. To avoid complete disasters during your operation, you should ensure only to seek the services of qualified and registered personnel.

However, even when dealing with genuine doctors, there may still be some risk of infection. Below are some do’s and don’ts that you can use to help prevent any infections.

1. Do talk to your surgeon about your breast surgery journey. Feel free to ask your doctor for anything, including advice. The surgeon should be able to give you a number at which you can reach him should you have any worries, or concerns. If need be, prepare a list of questions before hand.

2. Do give yourself time to relax. A little bit of laziness is allowed, especially if you have just come from surgery. Your body needs some time to recuperate. You will need to take it easy for a week or two. You are advised to avoid lifting anything too heavy as this could cause your wounds to rip open again. You need to avoid exercising as well, as your body will not be able to handle too much rigorous activity. By giving your body a chance to recuperate fully, you will also be giving your breasts a chance to heal and look their best.

3. Try to follow a healthy lifestyle. If you smoke, quit it until your wound heals. Activities such as smoking can cause thin blood, thus making you wait for long before you heal. Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can as these will help in promoting faster healing.

4. Don’t wear a bra with underwire. Your breasts will be tender following the procedure and you want to avoid causing additional bruising and pain by wearing something as hard as a bra with an underwire. For a few days following the procedure, you will be required to wear a gauze that you change every several hours or so. After a few days have passed and you no longer feel a lot of discomfort then you can switch to wearing softly padded bras. A good example is a sports bra. Wait until you are fully healed before you can start wearing underwire bras.

5. Don’t fret over your scars. Yes, a breast lift will leave you with scars, but not much that you cannot cover them up. Also, during the first few weeks following your procedure, you could rub vitamin E over the incision site. Vitamin E has been known for its skin renewing qualities. Dab some vitamin E on a finger and use it to gently massage onto your skin.