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Mastopexy Surgery Can Be Combined With Other Procedures To Produce Great Results

When considering your cosmetic surgery options it is important to ensure that when you go under the knife, you maximize the opportunity. Not only is the procedure costly, it will require that you go through a recovery process. It is much better to do everything at the same time so that you save both your time and your money. You may even discover that you can access some special discounts if you choose to combine procedures.

A mastopexy surgery is mainly done to correct ptosis, which is the sagging of the breasts. There are many reasons why breasts sag and the most common ones are weight loss, after breastfeeding or even genetic make-up. In this article, we shall discuss two options of combining mastopexy with breast enhancement procedures.

Mastopexy With Breast Augmentation

This procedure is usually preferred for patients who have small and saggy breasts. The breast lift will correct the position of the areola and nipple while the augmentation will be used to increase the breast volume. Surgeons advice against getting a drastic increase in breast cup size since it may affect the rest of your body negatively. Large breasts create a weight on the back, neck and shoulders and if you suddenly increase your breast volume, you will feel the impact. It may even affect your posture and cause you to have some complications which you would not want.

Your surgeon can advice you on the best cup size to go for and you will also discuss about the best position to place the implant. it could either go under the muscle, where it is not noticeable or within the breast tissue. The size of the implant will also depend on the breast tissue that you already have.

The two types of implants that are used for augmentation are the saline and the silicone ones. The silicone implants are usually preferred because they have a more natural feel compared to the saline ones. Saline ones are cheaper. However, it is important to note that the effects of implants are not permanent and the body will still be subject to age and gravity. You will need another surgery if you wan to maintain that look that you have always wanted.

Mastopexy With Breast Reduction

For women who have excessively large breasts that cause pain and discomfort, a mastopexy surgery will need to be combined with the breast reduction procedure. The surgeon will need to remove some of the breast tissue and excess skin. The areola will also need to be reduced so that it can be proportional to the new breast size.

Women who get this procedure done will notice the difference immediately since the extra weight will be gone as well as the pain associated with it. This procedure is not as complicated as the previous one discussed and it may have less scarring. It can also be considered as a prescriptive procedure rather than an elective one.

Side Effects

Since a mastopexy surgery involves a lift and repositioning of the nipple, it is possible that you may lose sensitivity in your nipple. If you go for the procedure before giving birth, your breastfeeding may be affected. This is because the milk ducts may be interfered with. Some women choose to do without breastfeeding after getting a mastopexy. You will also experience scarring which will be permanent although over time, the scars will be less visible.