Dr Briggs’ Guidance On The Breast Augmentation Procedure

The main purpose of plastic surgery is to give the patient a better appearance. When your outward appearance is made better, then you will feel better about yourself. Once you feel better about yourself, your confidence will increase and you can go through life with a positive attitude. You can begin to enjoy social functions and you may end up being more outgoing. Plastic surgery can be carried out safely by a board certified surgeon like Dr Briggs who is highly skilled in breast and tummy tuck procedures. These are procedures that will enhance your figure and keep you looking great.

Benefiting From Plastic Surgery

Dr Briggs Plastic Surgeon holds the view that plastic surgery can contribute to good health. A tummy tuck is a procedure that gets rid of the excess fat and skin that is found around the abdomen. After a tummy tuck, a patient will have a smooth flat tummy that is firm. Gaining a flat tummy after the procedure can easily motivate one to commit to exercising in order to avoid gaining a protruding tummy once again.

A breast augmentation procedure increases the volume and size of the breasts. Gaining excess weight can interfere with the results of this procedure as the breasts may become overly enlarged. The procedure can therefore motivate patients to keep their weight in check to avoid ruining the good figure that is gained after breast augmentation. Plastic surgery therefore can motivate you to keep fit which brings with it health benefits.

When To Use Implants

As long as you would like bigger breasts with increased volume, then implants would be a good choice for you. Sometimes you may have very small breasts that give the impression of a flat chest. It could also be that your breasts are not the same size thus making them look awkward. Pregnancy and breastfeeding affect the breasts by causing them to lose shape and volume. The loss of a large amount of weight and aging all contribute to shapeless breasts. Implants can give you the breast shape and size that you desire as long as you are in good physical health.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Before any breast augmentation surgery, Dr Briggs holds detailed discussions with the patient concerning all aspects of the surgery. Points of discussion include the anesthesia that is to be used, the type of incision that will be made and the size and shape of implants. The incision can be made on the edges of the areola or along the crease of the breast. Incisions can also be made on the belly button or from the armpit to the breast.

Incisions that are made away from the breast can result in implants that are not symmetrically placed but there will be no scarring on the breast. Incisions on the breast enable proper placement of the implants though the breast will experience scarring.

Recovery From Surgery

After surgery, the breasts are normally swollen and bruised and drains may be placed under the skin to get rid of excess fluids so that the swelling can reduce. The swelling goes down in the next two or so weeks. The breasts are dressed in bandages which you are required to keep dry until you go for your first post op appointment.

You may be given some medication to take orally or to apply on the breasts. Dr Briggs recommends the use of a support bra for the next two or three months to support the breasts as they heal. The breasts will begin to settle to a natural position within a few months.